Expert Medical Equipment Maintenance Services

As a trusted medical equipment service provider, ActivTec understands the importance of maintaining your equipment to ensure optimal year-round performance. Using our extensive product knowledge, resources and tools, we can tailor comprehensive medical equipment maintenance plans to prevent costly repairs and downtime, allowing your healthcare facility to function seamlessly.

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  • 24/7 Accessibility

    Transparent job scheduling & traceability

    Accountability and accessibility are essential to exceptional medical equipment maintenance services, and that’s exactly what ActivTec Solutions provide. As our client, you will receive access to an easy-to-use online portal that communicates all preventative and reactive medical equipment maintenance schedules, records, and valuable asset data. As a backup, we also email all reports and job information to ensure total peace of mind and service transparency.

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  • 100% Compliance

    Regular maintenance for total compliance

    Patient safety is the heart of quality healthcare. Ensuring your medical equipment complies with your state regulations and standards is one of the best ways to uphold this. At ActivTec, we support healthcare providers nationwide in delivering elite care to their patients with our reliable maintenance services.

    Our industry-leading preventative maintenance workflows have been developed with relevant OEM service instructions and Australian Standards. As a result, you can rest assured you will receive a premium, fully OEM-compliant service every time.

    Our technicians can perform a range of medical equipment servicing including patient hoist servicing and repairs, wheelchair repairs, bed repairs, as well as bio-medical equipment maintenance just to name a few. We are also a registered NDIS repair agent, helping NDIS participants with their medical equipment repairs across the country.

    Medical Equipment Maintenance
  • World-Class Asset Management

    Comprehensive asset history

    ActivTec recognises the importance of accessible and accurate asset management for your medical equipment maintenance. Our systems feature all the standard fields for data, such as location, manufacturer, model, serial number etc.

    Before starting any medical maintenance work, our dedicated customer care team and technicians will check if you have any extra fields of asset information you want us to capture. Then, depending on your preference, we can use your existing numbering system or affix ActivTec asset stickers to your equipment.