Join the ActivTec team!

At ActivTec, we pride ourselves on hiring staff who are experts in their field, with intimate knowledge of the equipment and how to service and maintain it. We believe this allows our company to thrive from the inside out. If you are interested in continued professional development opportunities and providing exceptional customer care, we want to hear from you.

Why Join ActivTec Solutions

Our culture

ActivTec is a family-owned business with a customer-focused and results-driven culture. We prioritise accountability, growth and collaboration as we support and promote our employees’ professional development. So as staff members may come and go, our company retains the renewed and everlasting capability to deliver outstanding equipment management solutions across Australia.

Medical Equipment Maintenance

Our Commitment to You

We actively support diversity and inclusion

ActivTec is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our operations. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, supported, and can contribute their best work. Our commitment to cultivating a safe and positive organisation is reflected in our detailed recruitment practices, in-depth employee training and professional development programs.

Our values

  • Willingness


    We seek out challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm.

  • Dedication


    We are driven to deliver the best possible outcome.

  • Growth


    We believe in growing, learning and progressing forward.

  • Consideration


    We act with integrity and bring our best selves to each and every job.


Roles at ActivTec

  • Customer Care

    Our Customer Care team is a tight-knit group of professionals who provide outstanding assistance, support, and solutions to our customers. They ensure our clients are satisfied and always have a positive experience.

  • Warehouse

    Our Warehouse team manages the storage, organisation, and movement of stock, ensuring efficient operations and prompt delivery to customers. Their duties include picking and packing orders, dispatching products, and managing receivables.

  • Service

    Our Technicians are our frontline workers who interact face-to-face with customers every day. They are responsible for maintaining our client’s medical equipment to ensure it functions properly to serve their patients’ needs.

  • Sales

    Our dynamic Sales team promotes our products and services to customers while building and maintaining relationships to ensure long-term business success.

  • Supply Chain

    Our Supply Chain team manages the flow of goods and services from the point of origin to consumption, ensuring efficient operations and timely delivery while minimising costs and maximising customer satisfaction.

  • IT and Quality

    The IT and Quality department manages and maintains our technology infrastructure and provides technical support, enabling efficient and secure communication, data management, and system operations.

  • Finance

    Our Finance team manages the financial resources, including budgeting, accounting, financial reporting and payroll, to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.