Aged Care Equipment Services for Optimal Care and Comfort

Aged Care homes can have hundreds of residents, all with their own particular health needs. ActivTec Solutions offers comprehensive medical equipment services and spare parts to ensure our valued elderly community receive the best care possible. You can rely on our technicians to turn up on site with the right tools and equipment to ensure your residents get the help they need immediately. So whether you need maintenance, repair or spare parts for a bed, hoist, lifter, wheelchair or walker, ActivTec has got you covered.

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  • Aged Care Equipment Maintenance

    For over a decade, ActivTec has been servicing all types of makes and models, maintaining assistive devices and equipment to the relevant industry standards. We currently provide preventative and reactive maintenance solutions to over 1000 hospitals and aged care facilities Australia-wide.

  • Aged Care Equipment Repairs

    We are a preferred Service Provider for most major equipment brands, allowing us exclusive access to vital technical information, spare parts and software for each of their products. Our reputation and resources guarantee speedy repair times and professional solutions you can rely on.

  • Spare Parts for Aged Care Equipment

    As we are ‘brand neutral’, we have the capacity, knowledge, and experience to maintain any brand, make, or model of medical equipment. This ensures fast and reliable access to aged care supplies and the technical knowledge required to maintain your aged care equipment and devices to the highest standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of equipment are included in aged care equipment services?

Our aged care equipment services cover an extensive range of equipment and assistive technology, including mobility aids, medical beds, lifting and transfer equipment, bathroom aids, and communication devices. We also supply spare parts for all brands of electric nursing care equipment including Invacare, Aged Care Technologies, Allegro Concepts, Oxford, Otto Bock, and many more.

What is the difference between medical equipment repairs and maintenance?

Our preventative maintenance service aims to maintain your medical equipment’s good working order and reduce the need for repairs by carrying out regularly scheduled tasks. These tasks may include equipment cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and replacement of worn or damaged parts. The service is usually performed weekly, monthly, or annually depending on the equipment type and usage frequency.

In contrast, repairs (reactive maintenance) involve fixing malfunctioning or broken equipment, ranging from minor fixes like battery or fuse replacement to major ones like motor or circuit board replacement. Repairs are typically performed as needed and may arise unexpectedly due to equipment failure, accidents, or unforeseen circumstances.

How are aged care equipment services funded?

Aged care equipment services may be funded through various sources, including government programs such as the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI), private health insurance, or out-of-pocket expenses.

How do I book a service with you?
How do I order spare aged care equipment parts?

You can order spare parts via our MediParts eStore.

Can I order spare parts from rural areas?

Absolutely – we can ship to every corner of Australia and beyond.