Hospital Equipment Services You Can Rely On

At ActivTec Solutions, we understand the critical role your hospital equipment plays in delivering superior patient care. With over a decade of experience working with private day surgeries, regional health clinics and large metropolitan public hospitals, our technicians are well-equipped and available 24/7 to provide reliable services Australia-wide. From maintenance and repairs to spare parts supply, we can ensure that your medical equipment always functions at peak performance.

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  • Hospital Equipment Maintenance

    Keep your hospital equipment running at peak performance with ActivTec. Our experienced technicians have worked for multiple different product manufacturers and possess the training to work and develop preventative maintenance plans for all kinds of hospital equipment.

  • Hospital Equipment Repairs

    Our rapid and reliable hospital equipment repairs will get your facility back up and running in no time. You can trust our skilled technicians and quality spare parts to rectify the issue quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations and valued patients.

  • Spare Parts for Hospital Equipment

    ActivTec is ‘brand neutral’, meaning we have the capacity, knowledge, and experience to maintain any medical equipment brand, make, or model. This decision guarantees fast and reliable access to all types of spare parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between equipment repairs and maintenance?

Our preventative maintenance service involves regularly scheduled tasks to keep your medical equipment in good working order and minimise the need for repairs. These tasks can include cleaning, lubricating, inspecting equipment, and replacing worn or damaged parts. It’s usually performed weekly, monthly, or annually, depending on the type of equipment and frequency of use.

Repairs (reactive maintenance) involve fixing equipment that has broken down or is malfunctioning. It can range from minor fixes, such as replacing a fuse or a battery, to major repairs, like replacing a motor or a circuit board. Repairs are typically performed as needed and may be required unexpectedly due to equipment failures, accidents, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Do you sell electric hospital and nursing care equipment?

We can supply spare parts for all brands of electric hospital and nursing care equipment including ArjoHuntleigh, Hillrom, Howard Wright, Medicraft, Prius, Joyce, Alrick, Wissner Bosserhoff, Carewell, Kcare and many more! Check out our online shop or contact us directly today.

Do you sell new medical equipment as a whole?

No. ActivTec Solutions only supply spare parts for medical equipment. We have access to the widest range of brands and are the sole Australian Distributor for many brands, including Moteck Linear Actuators, Medical Spare Parts, KYC (Colson) Castors and more.

I can’t find the product I need online. Can you still help me?

If you can’t find your required product, we may still be able to help! Submit a part request form.

How do you manage and communicate your asset registers?

Our service technician uploads all asset data to our computerised maintenance management software, which stores it in a secure online database. Each time the technician works on that asset, the data will be available to the technician, and he will be able to update information such as location, which may change from service to service.

Over the first 12 months, we will compile a detailed asset register that is continually updated in live time as we maintain equipment. After that, we can present the asset data in excel/CSV or PDF as required.

How often should hospital equipment be serviced?

Your hospital equipment maintenance plan will depend on the type of equipment you use and how frequently you use it. Some equipment may require daily or weekly maintenance, while others may only need servicing every 1-3 years.

As a preferred provider, ActivTec has in-depth knowledge of all manufacturer recommendations and regulatory requirements to ensure your equipment is kept to the highest standard.