8 things to check before calling out a technician


Have you ever paid a callout fee for a Technician to visit your medical facility only to find that you could have solved the problem on your own?

Call outs are costly and time consuming and can sometimes be unnecessary.

Here are 8 things to check before calling a technician.

  • Are there any obvious signs of damage to the equipment?
  • If the device has an emergency stop function, have you checked to see if it’s working?
  • Is the handset plugged in correctly? Check the plug hasn’t been pulled out
  • Make sure all cables are connected correctly
  • Is the equipment charging? As a built-in safety feature equipment will often not function while charging
  • Does the charge light come on when the charger is connected?
  • If the equipment has a removal battery, check the battery is slotted in correctly. If your product has a removal battery, do you have another battery on hand that you can try and use instead?
  • Have you checked which functions are not working? For example a hoist that goes up but not down

If your equipment is still not functioning properly then give our team a call and we’ll send out one of our professional and proficient field service technicians to help.