Do You Need Spare Parts for your Medical Equipment? You Need ActivTec.

You may think that the vital role medical equipment plays in our lives means that it can look after people forever without ever breaking down. The simple and unfortunate fact is that all medical, biomedical and mobility equipment breaks down and, sometimes, replacing and repairing parts is the best way to overcome these situations. Whether you are buying for an aged care facility, a hospital, a special school, an NDIS participant or yourself, ActivTec has all the bases covered when it comes to spare parts and maintenance for medical and care equipment. Here’s why, when you need spare parts, you need ActivTec.


We Have Resources to Make Your Job Easy

You may know you need a new part, but you don’t know exactly what it is that you need. That’s where our Spare Parts Catalogue comes into play. Our Spare Parts Catalogue acts as a one-stop-shop and a general guide to find our huge range of products. While it doesn’t have every single product in our massive warehouses, it’s a great start in finding what part you need. You can find our catalogue in print and online, so click the catalogue below or get in touch and we can get one to you today.

Our Staff Know Their Stuff

Unsure of the part that will fix your problem? No worries. Call in and describe the problem you are experiencing or the part you need and our experienced staff will be able to help you straight away. Our staff have years and years of experience giving them the freakish ability to diagnose problems over the phone and recall a myriad of parts and part numbers off the top of their heads.


If You Need It, We Can Supply It

We specialise in sourcing and supplying all sorts of spare parts for all types and brands of medical equipment. We have accounts with all major brands which allows us to bring in any part required nationally or internationally. We hold a large range of parts in our warehouses in every state and each of our mobile technicians have parts on hand in their vans.

Get Your Gear Quickly and Safely

If you need your parts urgently to minimise downtime, we offer fast delivery and free returns. You can rest assured that, in most cases, you will receive your parts within 24 hours of ordering Australia-wide. This means that your equipment gets back on the floor quickly looking after those who need it. If you need to send parts back for repair or replacement, we’ll send you a free returns bag to get it back to us.

For more information and to find our Spare Parts Catalogue and Maintenance Solution Overview, visit No request is too big or too small for ActivTec, so get in touch now to see how we can help you, your establishment and your residents.

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