Audits and ActivTec

The quality of Aged Care has been a hot topic for some time, with the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety shining a light on insufficient practises and systematic failures. Caring for the elderly can make for a difficult industry, but there’s no denying the importance of this industry that we have all chosen to work in – these are the people that need our help the most. As larger generations begin to reach retirement age and the industry grows immensely, this is more relevant than ever before. Because of this, compliance audits are becoming more frequent and extensive. ActivTec Solutions are experts in medical equipment compliance, leaving you with nothing to worry about come time for those daunting Government audits.​

All aged care homes that receive Government subsidies are audited at regular intervals. As of 2018, these audits may be unannounced. Aged care homes can be tested against up to 44 expected outcomes split between four Accreditation Standards, these being:

  • Management systems, staffing and organisational development (standard 1)
  • Health and personal care (standard 2)
  • Care recipient’s lifestyle (standard 3)
  • Physical environment and safe systems (standard 4).

Under standard 1, expected outcome 7 reads: “This expected outcome requires that "stocks of appropriate goods and equipment for quality service delivery are available".” This requires Aged Care homes to maintain a certain level of equipment compliance for the home to deliver a high standard of care to the residents. ActivTec can help with maintaining this level of compliance.

ActivTec Solutions specialise in medical equipment compliance. Our technicians are extremely familiar with the equipment and are able to extensively inspect, service and repair your equipment to specific Government standards. With our online database, you can access any equipment compliance documents 24/7. With ActivTec, you can rest assured that your equipment is up-to-standard any and every day of the week, meaning that you’ll be ready for that next surprise audit.

Additionally, ActivTec provide three levels of preventative maintenance plans: Compliance, Protection and Comprehensive. There is a plan to suit every need and budget and with any of these plans, your equipment will be maintained in superior condition. This will ultimately save you money and, again, take the stress out of unannounced audits. For more information, view our Maintenance Solution Overview here.

Of course, the aim of these audits is to ensure that every Aged Care resident in Australia is receiving the highest level of care possible. ActivTec Solutions are committed to maintaining this level of care for every home and every resident we can. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help maintain this level of care for your residents and keep your equipment up to Government standard, get in touch today. Call 1300 304 645 or email

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