Ask Gran, Not Google

Have you ever wondered if watermelon’s can actually grow in your stomach if you swallow the seeds? or why the water is blue in the sea but clear up close? Well Feros Care are urging you to steer away from Google, turn off the screen and take your questions to society’s wisest: our seniors and grandparents.

‘Ask Gran not Google’ aims to reinforce connections between Australia’s youth and older citizens by diving into the rich treasure chest that is the knowledge and experience of our seniors. School students across the country are asked to pose questions, in written or video format, to seniors in their lives. Some of these questions have ranged from “what’s your best recipe?” to “is Donald Trump legit?”

‘Ask Gran not Google’ is an initiative conceptualised by the aged care provider’s eHealth and Primary Care Manager, Shelly Fletcher. Inspired by her family’s ban on technology and focus on quizzical interaction, she says she was overjoyed with the response from schools. More than 150 schools across Australia have registered, with plans for that to grow to more than 950 in the next three years.

The win-win interaction between young and old allows for a more pleasant, personal response, rather than reading detached information from a screen. It allows for young people to gain understanding of the role that seniors have in our society and allows the seniors to forge relationships based on common interests and shared information. ‘Ask Gran not Google’ is an initiative that has a lot of value, and one that many can learn from. To found out more, click here.