A Man, a Scooter and an Undying Thirst

We all know how good a beer, a quality counter meal and a relaxing game of lawn bowls can be. But what would you do if your declining mobility led to you being unable to visit your local club? That’s the exact dilemma that one resident at a New South Wales facility faced, as their Maintenance Manager shares.

This resident was partial to a visit to his local bowls every now and again. With the assistance of his trusty walker, he would wander around the corner and enjoy his afternoons at the club. As the years went on, however, his declining health forced him to buy a scooter. He then faced the issue of not being allowed to take his scooter onto the club premises, but it didn’t stop him for long.

He set a plan in motion. His goal: to get to the club quickly and easily while also being able to get into and around the club without his scooter. The inventive fellow designed a detachable bracket for his walker and attached it to the back of his scooter. He purchased this at his own cost, built and attached it himself and is sturdy and safe as houses. Now he can get to and from the club easily on his scooter and use his walker while he is there.


“This invention could be used at other sites throughout the world,” the impressed staff member laughs. “I advised him to patent his work.” All it took was a bit of ingenuity and some crafty thinking and the resident could continue to enjoy his leisurely afternoons at the bowls club.

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