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We can design facility wide preventative maintenance and asset management programs around relevant legislation and standards and your individual needs. Our programs will increase your regulatory compliance levels while delivering effeciencies and better practice right accross the facility. For example, your beds will be of a different brand to your hoists which will be different from your wheelchairs, your shower commodes, your walkers etc. This mix of brands and suppliers can only lead to confusion for your staff, inefficiencies in your systems and poor maintenance outcomes across the facility. The progressive organisation in pursuit of continuous improvement will recognise this and seek solutions that only the forward thinking and proactive staff at Activtec Solutions can provide.

When the inevitable happens and equipment breaks down you need a service provider who can respond quickly and has the expertise and available parts to keep equipment downtime to a bare minimum. You can rest assured with the knowledge that our breakdown repair response will be both speedy and effective. Our repair vans are stocked with many thousands of dollars worth of spare parts for all types and brands of equipment. This array of spare parts coupled with our vast wealth of technical knowledge means that we can repair faulty equipment as fast as possible!

Request an AMM Medical Equipment Servicing Catalogue

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