Audited, Approved and Recertified

Alan Hammond is the lead auditor with BSI Group, a specialist in ISO 9001 Quality Management. ActivTec recently welcomed Alan into our Brisbane office to audit our business alongside ISO 9001 quality management guidelines. Our Project Manager, Nandish, explains in more detail:

What is ISO 9001? 

ISO 9001 is the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System. It is used to assist businesses in meeting the expectations and needs of their customers. To do this, the system helps with continually monitoring and managing quality across all business operations and outlines ways to achieve and benchmark consistent performance and service.

Why does ActivTec undertake yearly ISO audits? 

ISO 9001 is not a once for all certificate but needs to be re-evaluated continuously. BSI audits us annually for ISO 9001 Quality Management re-certification. It essentially means that we are upholding quality standards continuously.

What are some examples of the processes ActivTec puts in place to maintain a certain standard of quality? 

ISO demands overall quality management of your organisation through the means which are relevant to the organisation’s environment and structure. The main focus of ISO:
-Organisation Context (organisation strategy, vision and mission, stakeholders, scope)
- Leadership (goals and objectives, management meetings and reviews, communication, KPIs)
- Planning (risk management, change management, systems back up)
- Support (all legal requirements and documents, document control, training records and management)
- Operations (department procedures)
- Performance Evaluation (internal audits, department and organisation KPIs, complaints management, corrective action procedure)
- Continual Improvement (general improvement over a period of time and Improvement plan going forward)

How did ActivTec go with this year’s recertification? 

The Auditor was very happy with our quality systems. No major or minor non-conformances were reported, which means they deem we are meeting all the specifications and requirements of ISO 9001:2015. 

How does all this affect ActivTec’s customers?

It ensures that we are providing quality services every time, superior performance and a way for customers to know that they can trust us. 

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