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Activtec Solutions is an Australian provider of specialized maintenance and repair solutions to the aged care and medical industries. We offer preventative maintenance programs and an emergency breakdown repair service for a range of equipment including patient hoists, hospital beds, wheelchairs, shower commodes, manual handling equipment and much more. We provide our services to nursing homes, hospitals, government bodies and private clients.

Being a family-owned and operated business, we have built an enviable reputation through our ethical values, reliability, commitment to quality and exceptional service since our beginnings in 2005. We are a customer focused business and offer many proactive solutions such as WHS and accreditation assistance, procurement advice, hire equipment and much more that sets us apart from our competitors. Our skilled technicians are highly experienced and hold qualifications such as electrical, engineering and other trade specific qualifications to ensure the quality of our work.

We are recognized as a leader in the field, as one of the only dedicated ‘maintenance only’ operators. As we do not sell new equipment ourselves, we are able to work with all brands of product and offer impartial advice across a broad spectrum of equipment. Underpinning our operations is the use of established systems and procedures that have been proven in over 400 sites where we operate.

At Activtec Solutions, we are constantly looking for new ways to help out our customers and improve on client satisfaction. Our quality policy states our undying commitment to increase customer satisfaction and look for new ways to improve the industry we work in. The policy was established through the development of Activtec Solutions Quality Managment System, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

In short, “We are a company you can trust”

The team at Activtec Solutions

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To find out more about how the terrific work of these charities is assisting and supporting disaster-affected communities, follow the links below:
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We are always looking for qualified medical & mobility equipment servic...

Technology and equipment breaking down is, unfortunately, an inevitable part of modern life. We’ve all had our phone’s stop working or been stuck on the side of the road after a vehicle breakdown. Who do you call in those instances? A phone repair shop. A mechanic. Who do you call when your medical, biomedical and mobility equipment breaks down? ActivTec Solutions.


Medical, biomedical and mobility products are the most important in aged care homes, hospitals, specials schools and similar care establishments. They are used to enhance the comfort, mobility and general quality-of-life for those who need it most. That’s why it’s imperative to minimise the risk of br...

Monday October 1 is the International Day of Older Persons, an initiative of the United Nations that shines a light on the forever-growing population of people over 60. Almost 700 million people are currently over the age of 60 and by 2050 that number will have reached 2 billion. There has never been a more important time to focus on the challenges faced by our elderly citizens than right now.

International Day of Older Persons 2018 celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Aligning with the United Nations Secretary-General’s guiding pri...

You may think that the vital role medical equipment plays in our lives means that it can look after people forever without ever breaking down. The simple and unfortunate fact is that all medical, biomedical and mobility equipment breaks down and, sometimes, replacing and repairing parts is the best way to overcome these situations. Whether you are buying for an aged care facility, a hospital, a special school, an NDIS participant or yourself, ActivTec has all the bases covered when it comes to spare parts and maintenance for medical and care equipment. Here’s why, when you need spare parts, you need ActivTec.


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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a relatively new support system implemented by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). The purpose of the NDIS is to assist in enhancing the lives of the thousands of Australians with a significant or permanent disability, their families and their carers. It connects these people in need to thousands of product and service providers and assists in funding these products and services. The NDIS provides tailored opportunities for those affected by disability to improve outcomes in employment, mobility, functionality and general quality of life.

The specific purpose of the NDIS is to assist those affected by significant or...

We all know how good a beer, a quality counter meal and a relaxing game of lawn bowls can be. But what would you do if your declining mobility led to you being unable to visit your local club? That’s the exact dilemma that one resident at a New South Wales facility faced, as their Maintenance Manager shares.

This resident was partial to a visit to his local bowls every now and again. With the assistance of his trusty walker, he would wander around the corner and enjoy his afternoons at the club. As the years went on, however, his declining health forced him to buy a scooter. He th...

Have you ever wondered if watermelon’s can actually grow in your stomach if you swallow the seeds? or why the water is blue in the sea but clear up close? Well Feros Care are urging you to steer away from Google, turn off the screen and take your questions to society’s wisest: our seniors and grandparents.

‘Ask Gran not Google’ aims to reinforce connections between Australia’s youth and older citizens by diving into the rich treasure chest that is the knowledge and experience of our seniors. School students across the country are asked to pose questions, in written or video format, to seniors in their lives. Some of these questions have ranged from “what’s your best recipe?” to ...

Author: Sam Gillespie  

You don’t have to be the world’s best investigative journalist to realise that Twenty20 Cricket has fast become the most popular brand in the game. Birthed out of a necessity to appeal to a younger generation whose attention span is getting shorter and shorter, T20 has enough action and excitement to keep any cricket sceptic interested. The neat, three-hour package is the perfect product to spread the game to demographics such as mothers, young children or anyone who is put off by the length of test cricket. While T20 may be introducing cricket to new fans, it doesn...

In a world of rapidly developing technology and progressive medical methods, life expectancy is higher than ever and will only rise. We’ve already seen a boom in the Aged Care sector due to this. Consequently, the population of elderly people that experience frailty is also getting higher and higher. Frailty is often seen as an inevitable part of ageing, with symptoms such as weight loss, muscular weakness, fatigue and lowered speed and mobility. However, there are methods that can be put in place to reduce the chances of experiencing frailty, and they don’t even rely on the aforementioned advanced medical technology.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that exercise has many benefits to the elderly. As discussed last week, frequent movement and stimulation of the body, including the brain, can literally reverse the signs of ageing and improve general quality of life markedly. It’s a simple concept that is applied in all other age groups and needs to be seen as a norm in the elderly as well.

As well as promoting a healthy, happy and independent lifestyle, frequent exercise has many specific benefits that will all contribute to living longer. With frequent exercise comes improved balance, stronger muscles and den...

The quality of Aged Care has been a hot topic for some time, with the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety shining a light on insufficient practises and systematic failures. Caring for the elderly can make for a difficult industry, but there’s no denying the importance of this industry that we have all chosen to work in – these are the people that need our help the most. As larger generations begin to reach retirement age and the industry grows immensely, this is more relevant than ever before. Because of this, compliance audits are becoming more frequent and extensive. ActivTec Solutions are experts in medical equipment compliance, leaving you with nothing to worry abo...

International Women’s Day is an undeniably important day. It’s a day to look forward and work towards the goal of total gender balance and to celebrate the women who contribute so much to this goal. It’s also a day to look to the past and celebrate the women who have come before us. It’s a chance to shine a light on all women in our society and call for greater representation, especially for elderly women who can often feel overlooked and underappreciated.

These women, whether they live at home, in nursing homes or in retirement villages, play a vital role in our society. They have lived lives, gathered stories and informatio...

In times when a patient may not be able to transfer themselves from one spot to another, a patient hoist becomes your biggest asset. Manually lifting patients brings risks to all parties involved, making patients hoists an invaluable piece of equipment in these situations. When these pieces of equipment are relied upon so heavily, it is of the utmost importance that they are functional and dependable as a malfunction at the wrong time could prove fatal. Keep an eye on these elements to ensure that your hoist is up to standard and safe to use.


A m...

Here at ActivTec Solutions, we are a registered NDIS provider and have already serviced and repaired equipment for many NDIS participants. If you find that your medical and mobility equipment needs to be repaired or serviced, we can help. We provide on-the-spot maintenance for all equipment. We’ll be more than happy to diagnose the problem and fix it on site as soon as possible so your equipment can be up and running and back to normal. Our specially trained technicians are extremely skilled and respectful and treat your equipment as if it was being used to care for their own family members.

Whatever your circumstances may be, ActivTec Solutions are here to help. We have a numbe...

It takes a special person to choose a career in aged care. They are constantly making a difference to the lives of so many older people and their families and expect very little in return. Thanks to Leading Aged Services Australia, these selfless workers are given a day to be celebrated. Aged Care Employee Day is a day to honour and recognise the hundreds of thousands of people who work in the aged care industry. To commemorate Aged Care Employee Day this year, we had a chat with one of these special people. Ruby is a Personal Carer at Share: